The End

Typhus, Leningrad, 1942.

Suicide by Poison (Lee Miller, Leipzig, 1945).

Dead German child after Nemmersdorf Massacre, 1944.

Dead SS Soldier,1945

Shot by retreating communists in Liepaja militia basement, 1941.

Dead German Girl, 1944.


Dead Greek civilians pulled out of a well shaft, 1944.

Japanese soldiers commit suicide, Marshall Islands, 1944.

Dead Nazi officer in snow, Mabompre, Belgium, 1944.

American soldier with a dead boy, near Stavelot, Belgium, 1945.

Polish Jew shot by retreating Germans, Ohrdruf, 1945.

Polish sisters, Luftwaffe Siege, 1939.

Frozen German soldier near Nefte, Belgium.

Dead Cossack and horse, 1940s.

Stalingrad, 1943.

Nazi massacre of Serbians, 1941.

Vitya Cherevichin, Rostov on Don.

Families identify the dead in Kerch, Crimea, 1942 © Dmitri Baltermants.

Stalingrad, 1942.

Three dead partisans, USSR, 1941.

Frozen dead Germans stacked up without burial in speedy retreat, USSR, 1942.

Cripple killed by Nazis, from Klee’s & Dressen’s Gott mit uns.

Burnt bodies at the Klooga concentration camp, Estonia.

Massacred Belorussians, near Minsk, 1943

Bürgermeister family suicide, Leipzig, 1945